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Meet Our Students Past & Present!
Welcome to the page where we let our students and alumni take the spotlight. See what they have to say about themselves, the Program, their life and their career. If you want to know their views on research in Applied Physics, click here!

Gabriella Gagliano
Gabriella Gagliano

Matriculation Year: 2020

Hao Zhang
Hao Zhang

Matriculation Year: 2018

Aravind Chenrayan Govindaraju
Aravind Chenrayan Govindaraju

Matriculation Year: 2016


Thomas A. Searles, winner of the first Joseph A. Johnson III Award

Howard University Professor to Receive First Joseph A. Johnson Award Friday, Jan. 15, 2021

Thomas A. Searles honored for inspiring young Black physicists to pursue cutting-edge optics and quantum research.

free-energy landscape and possible protein paths

Hidden symmetry found in chemical kinetic equations Tuesday, May. 5, 2020

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electrets with no pressure and with pressure

2D oxide flakes pick up surprise electrical properties Friday, May. 15, 2020

Rice University lab detects piezoelectric effects in nanosheets due to defects