Core Courses

Core Courses: 4 Required

Students can choose 4 of the 11 listed, depending on their research, to fulfill this requirement. Any taken beyond the first 4 will count as electives.

Course Number(s) Course Name
PHYS 515 Classical Dynamics
PHYS 516 Mathematical Methods
PHYS 521 or CHEM 530 Quantum Mechanics I / Quantum Chemistry
PHYS 522 or CHEM 531 Quantum Mechanics II / Adv. Quantum Chemistry
PHYS 526 or CHEM 520 Statistical Physics / Classical & Statistical Thermodynamics
PHYS 532 Classical Electrodynamics
PHYS 563 Intro to Solid State Physics
BIOE 502 Physical Biology
CHBE 501 Fluid Mechanics and Transport Processes
CHBE 602 Physico-Chemical Hydrodynamics
CHBE 611 Advanced Topics-Thermodynamics

It is assumed that the student has an adequate background in Classical Mechanics, Electrostatistics, and Statistical and Thermal Physics. This background is determined from interviews or exams given to entering students by the APCC or the host department. NOTE: Students may take an undergraduate level of a course prior to the graduate level course if needed. Any undergraduate courses taken will not count toward the required credits for the degree.