APPL 500 - Brown Bag Seminars

Because Applied Physics is multidisciplinary, students are encouraged to attend a variety of different brown bag lunches in different disciplines. Incoming students should receive invitations to each of the events. Lunch (no drink) is typically provided at these events for those who RSVP. If you do not RSVP, you are still welcome to attend the meeting, but please bring your own lunch. Incoming students are encouraged to attend as many seminars as possible to obtain a broader depth of knowledge on multiple subjects.

Below is the list of upcoming brown bag seminars hosted by Applied Physics. Please check back for updates.

2024 Brown Bag Seminars

Date Time Faculty Presenter Dept. Lecture Title Location
June 12 9:00 AM Srujan Meesala ECE Quantum interconnects with chip-scale devices zoom
June 19 NONE
June 26 9:00 AM Hanyu Zhu MSNE Quantum control of atoms in materials zoom
July 03 9:00 AM Jerzy Szablowski BIOE Noninvasive control and monitoring of specific brain regions zoom
July 10 9:00 AM Shengxi Huang ECE Designer 2D materials for quantum and biosensing applications zoom
July 17 9:00 AM James Tour CHEM Flash Joule Heating. Environmental Remediation, Alternative Energies, Recycling, Upcycling zoom
July 24 9:00 AM Anna-Karin Gustavsson CHEM Cellular 3D super-resolution imaging zoom
July 31 9:00 AM Matthew Jones CHEM Self-Assembled Nanoparticle-Based Metamaterials zoom
Aug 07 9:00 AM Kaden Hazzard PHYS zoom

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