Brown Bag Seminars

Applied Physics and other departments and organizations hold Brown Bag lunches during the fall semester for incoming students. Faculty are invited to the lunches to give a talk and discuss their research. The main purpose of these lunches is for students and faculty to meet and for students to learn about the different types of research being done at Rice University that are pertinent to the Applied Physics Graduate Program; this will help students to make a decision when it is time to affiliate with an advisor.

Because Applied Physics is multidisciplinary, students are encouraged to attend a variety of different brown bag lunches in different disciplines. Incoming students should receive invitations to each of the brown bags. Lunch (no drink) is provided at these events for those who RSVP. If you do not RSVP, you are still welcome to attend the meeting, but please bring your own lunch. Incoming students are encouraged to attend as many brown bags as possible to obtain a broader depth of knowledge on multiple subjects.

Below is the list of dates, times, and locations of brown bags hosted by Applied Physics. Check back for updates to this page to see who will be speaking at each event.

2020 Brown Bag Seminars

Day/Date Faculty presenter Department
5/21 Guido Pagano Physics & Astronomy
6/2 James Tour Chemistry
6/4 Guru Naik Electrical & Computer Engineering
6/16 Ankit Patel Electrical & Computer Engineering
6/18 Anna-Garin Gustavsson Chemistry
6/23 Lan Luan Electrical & Computer Engineering
6/25 Xaq Pitkow Electrical & Computer Engineering
6/29 Alessandro Alabastri Electrical & Computer Engineering
7/1 Jacob Robinson Electrical & Computer Engineering
7/16 Ming Yi Physics & Astronomy
7/21 Carly Figueira Houston Methodist Research Institute
8/4 Hanyu Zhu Materials Science & NanoEngineering
8/10 Meng Li Statistics
8/26 Boris Yakobson Materials Science & NanoEngineering

* indicates a Brown Bag talk hosted by Physics & Astronomy and including their first-year students