Program Requirements

Applied Physics Program Requirements

For each degree, the student must fulfill the University requirements set forth in the catalog under which he/she entered. The semester hour requirements may be fulfilled both by classroom hours and research hours. A total of nine one-semester (minimum 3 credit hour) graduate level courses is required for the M.S. in Applied Physics; a "core" of four courses is required of all students. The Applied Physics Committee may waive some course requirements for students who demonstrate a thorough knowledge of material in one or more core/elective course(s). The student will normally be expected to complete the course requirements in three semesters and maintain a minimum grade of a B- in core courses with an overall B average for all courses taken. The current list of courses are listed on this site and are updated regularly upon approval of the Applied Physics Committee and the participating departments. Note that any student who receives a grade of "C+" or lower in any course is required to repeat the class. For more details, see the Applied Physics Graduate Student Handbook.

Each student's curriculum, research, and thesis topics receive individual consideration by the Applied Physics Committee and must be approved. Most APP students defend for the M.S degree and continue on to become candidates for the Ph.D. Please note that all courses are not offered every year or semester.

UNIV 594 "Responsible Conduct of Research"

Applied Physics students planning on Biophysics, Biochemistry, or Bioengineering research should register for UNIV 594 during their first semester or when possible. All other Applied Physics students are not required to sign up but are encouraged to take this course, as well. Note that this course does not count toward the core or elective courses.