Selecting an Advisor

Students are admitted to the Applied Physics Program — not to the research groups of individual faculty. During the first semester, new students attend a series of Brown Bag Seminars hosted by faculty who have research openings across a broad range of disciplines. Students then discuss possible research projects with individual faculty and affiliate with a research group before the beginning of their second semester, at which time work on the research project begins

Any faculty member in the Schools of Engineering and the School of Natural Sciences can advise APP students. See the list of current advisors here; lists of other available faculty by research area are available here

Academic and Research Advisors

By the end of the first semester, students should be actively engaged with a research group and confirm affiliation with the advisor. Starting on January 1 at the start of the second semester, and continuing throughout subsequent years, the advisor is then responsible for funding of the student's stipend and research expenses. Students desiring to work with faculty in the Texas Medical Center may do so only with the permission of the APP Chair.