Toulouse Scholar Exchange Program

Toulouse Scholar Exchange Program

Under the supervision of Dr. Jun Kono, French students are selected by the Research Center NEXT (Nano, Extreme Measurements, Theory) in Toulouse, and spend six months in Houston. APP Rice students spend six months in one of the Laboratories of NEXT. Funding is provided by the host in each case. For more information, contact Jun Kono at

Additional Toulouse Information
NEXT Director - Prof. Xavier Marie

Toulouse Exchange Courses

Full Courses:

  • Energy storage and conversion (55h≈5h/w - 12w)
  • General Electrochemistry (Basic in electrochemistry, Corrosion, Analytical methods, 60h≈5h/w - 12w)
  • Solid-state chemistry (Inorganic solid-state chemistry, Basics in chemistry of polymers, 70h≈6h/w - 12w)

Dual Combination of Courses (each counts as one half course):

  • Physical Chemistry of Materials: bonds, defects, reactivity (30h≈3h/w - 12w)
  • Application of Surface Treatments to Energy Storage (35h≈3h/w - 12w)
  • Catalysis (30h≈3h/w - 12w)
  • Chemical alternatives for energy (30h≈3h/w - 12w)
  • Laser Technics, Quantum Optoelectronics (30h)
  • Nanobiotechnology (lectures+clean room : 40 h)
  • Microsystem (workshop) (lectures+clean room : 40 h)