MAINZ Scholar Exchange Program

MAINZ Scholar Exchange Program

Under the supervision of Dr. Stephan Link at Rice, German students are selected by the graduate program MAINZ (MAterials Science IN MainZ) at Mainz University and funded by their Rice research mentor, while APP Rice students are selected within SCI/APP and funded by MAINZ. The typical duration of the exchange is six months. For more information, contact Stephan Link at

Additional MAINZ Information

CONTACTS: Profs. Carsten Sönnichsen, Matthias Kläui

MAINZ Exchange Courses

Full Courses (55+)

  • Advanced simulation techniques (4 h /week)
  • Materials Science: Advanced Materials and ultrafast spectroscopy (4 h/week) li/p>
  • Experimental physics: nuclear and quantum physics (3 h/week),
  • Theory of soft matter I (3 h/w)
  • Theory of soft matter II (3 h/w)
  • Photonics 1 and physics of the laser (3 h/w)
  • Quantum optics 1 (3 h/w)
  • Ion traps and mass spectrometry (3 h/w)
  • Photonics 2 and nonlinear optics (3 h/w)
  • Laser spectroscopy (3 h/w)
  • Quantum optics 2 and quantum information (3 h/w)