Financial Support

All Applied Physics graduate students at Rice University receive financial support throughout the year. Entering students are normally awarded Applied Physics fellowships, which carry a monthly stipend for the first nine months and an additional grant to cover tuition. At the end of the first semester, students will affiliate with a research group and an advisor, and in the second semester, the advisor's department will then fund the stipend and tuition grant.

Graduate applicants with exceptional qualifications also compete for prize fellowships which award additional dollars. After completion of the first semester, students are supported on research assistantships or numerous other research associate fellowships. Students are encouraged to apply for fellowships, some of which are listed below. (Please note that this list is not exhaustive.)

Incoming students are encouraged to apply for National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships (NSFGRF). Applications for these awards must originate from the student in October; the deadline for applying is November 4.

Rice University is one of fourteen institutions at which fellowships from the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation are tenable. Application materials are due by November 1st.

Other Fellowship Opportunities: