Applied Physics Graduate Student Association (APGSA)

The Applied Physics Graduate Student Association (APGSA) seeks to provide community and support for graduate students in Applied Physics (APPL). We will fulfill our goals by sponsoring various research talks, assembling to discuss concerns and ideas which may in turn benefit the AP department and provide information concerning program changes and requirements of the AP graduate students.

A copy of the APGSA Constitution can be found here.

Visit for more information about Rice GSAs.

2018-2019 APGSA Officers

President: Alena Klindziuk (alena.klindziuk @
Treasurer: Seth Coleman (colemans @
Secretary: Anthony Giljum (anthony.t.giljum @
GSA Rep: Katsuya Shiratori (ks77 @
1st Year Rep: Brian Noble (brian.c.noble @


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