Graduate Student Handbook

The Applied Physics Graduate Student Handbook provides general guidelines for Applied Physics graduate students. In addition to being in agreement with the regulations stated in the program handbook, students must also be in agreement with the General Announcements (GA) and Code of Conduct of Rice University. Students are also responsible for meeting all program requirements and all university requirements.

Graduate Student Handbook (Downloadable PDF)

In case there is conflicting information, university-wide regulations take precedence over the institute and program regulations, which take precedence over research group-wide regulations.

In doubt, students should seek help first at the program level (graduate administrator, advisor, program chair) and then at the central administration level (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.)

Revisions or additions of the handbook may be made from time to time. A current version will always be available on this webpage. Student should keep a personal file containing this document, future memos about rule changes and other departmental matters, and documentation related to graduate progress.