Quantum and Ultracold Matter

Quantum matter is extensively explored at Rice, in both real materials and synthetic ultracold matter. These have properties – phases of matter and dynamics – that break traditional materials paradigms. These novel quantum phenomena can be harnessed for advanced sensing, communication, and computing.

Core Faculty Members

Photo of Hulet
Randall Hulet

Fayez Sarofim Professor

Photo of Killian
Thomas Killian

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Photo of Morosan
Emilia Morosan

Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry, MSNE, and ECE

Photo of Natelson
Douglas Natelson

Professor, Department Chair of Physics and Astronomy Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor in Materials Science and NanoEngineering Fellow, Smalley-Curl Institute

Photo of Kono
Junichiro Kono

Chair, Applied Physics Program Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor, Materials Science and Nanoengineering Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Photo of Hazzard
Kaden Hazzard

Assistant Professor

Other Faculty Members

Photo of Zhu
Hanyu Zhu

William Marsh Rice Trustee Chair Assistant Professor

Photo of Dunning
Barry Dunning

Sam and Helen Worden Professor of Physics

Photo of Foster
Matthew Foster

Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Photo of Nevidomskyy
Andriy Nevidomskyy

Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Photo of Pagano
Guido Pagano

Assistant Professor, William Marsch Rice University