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Research Summary: 

Dr. Zhu and his Emerging Quantum and Ultrafast Activity Laboratory (EQUAL) engineer materials at the atomic level with light. He is interested in the interplay among the lattice structures, electrons and electromagnetic waves to create quantum behavior that typically only exist in extreme conditions with natural compounds. These artificial materials potentially serve in robust information technology and sensitive detectors beyond the classical limit.

Brief Bio: 

Dr. Zhu is an assistant professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering. He earned his B.S. in Mathematics and Physics in Tsinghua University in China, when he got into the field of nanomaterials. He obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Science and Technology in the University of California at Berkeley for studying electromechanics of atomically thin crystals, and then stayed for one and half a year as a post-doctoral researcher developing novel optical spectroscopy for phonons, the quantized lattice vibration. Dr. Zhu started EQUAL in the Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering in July 2018.